Two Floating Heads 2

2010-05-07 16:25:08 by TomKitsune

It's coming to a theatre near you! It's pretty embryonic, but I should have a basic animation done by Monday.

Upcoming shitsky.

2009-08-24 14:43:48 by TomKitsune

Terrance: Delayed.
Smash Fighter: In the works.
New Machinima Series: Needs to be reformatted.
New Flash Series: Embryonic stage.

A delay with destiny

2009-04-09 13:39:28 by TomKitsune

The first episode of Smash Fighter was supposed to be up by the end of this week, but something new has come up. It's a secret for now, but upon it's release, the secret should be known.

Terrance still coming at the end of April.

First come, first serve.

2009-03-31 17:37:51 by TomKitsune

I'm going to get all my media projects done in order, so right now, the current order of my projects is:

1. Smash Fighter Script Contest Winner (see my Youtube): Should be up by 4/2/09
2. Smash Fighter Season 2 Episode 1 (see my Youtube): Should be up by 4/12/09 (if an actor actually comes through for me)
3. Terrance with sound and music: Should be up by end of April

More to come later, but this is just to get my priorities straight.

Yeeeaaaah no...

2009-03-26 13:43:44 by TomKitsune

Terrance turned out to be a lot stupider than I thought. So instead of making this into a series with dialogue and everything, I'm just going to have it be a one time thing with no dialogue and I'll try to put good sound and music in it.

Hope for the best.

Oh snap!

2009-03-10 15:37:03 by TomKitsune

I'm trying out new things in flash (actionscripting, scene changes, etc.), so Terrance is going to be delayed for a while.

Ironically, this animation I started on my own free time has become a project in my Media Design class. So, it shouldn't be too long before I'm done.

Here's a picture of Terrance's Sidekick, FrankenWalrus:

Oh snap!

A new series!

2009-02-12 18:15:40 by TomKitsune

Well, kinda recycled actually. I made a character back in high school for an animation class and only got to do one real animation with him. So, I'm redoing the old animation and making it into a series.

The character is called Terrance the Vampire Penguin. Him, along with his sidekick FrankenWalrus, get into a crazy adventure that no normal penguin or walrus would ever face.

A new series!

Alright! First Animation!

2009-01-25 15:37:57 by TomKitsune

So, my first animation is up and running. It's nothing special, just a quick news update for people who watch my machinima, Smash Fighter.

The dawn of... well... me...

2009-01-07 08:50:48 by TomKitsune

I make machinima, but I'm getting into animation. Mostly due to a problem I'm currently having with the Wii BUT that's not important!