A new series!

2009-02-12 18:15:40 by TomKitsune

Well, kinda recycled actually. I made a character back in high school for an animation class and only got to do one real animation with him. So, I'm redoing the old animation and making it into a series.

The character is called Terrance the Vampire Penguin. Him, along with his sidekick FrankenWalrus, get into a crazy adventure that no normal penguin or walrus would ever face.

A new series!


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2009-02-12 21:05:22

whats with the tooth?

TomKitsune responds:

He's a vampire penguin. He needs fangs.


2009-02-21 18:06:53

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2009-02-27 23:31:12

who would bite a penguin?

TomKitsune responds:

There was an incident at the zoo.


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